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“Carlana is a breath of fresh air, or maybe, a tornado that barrels through town leaving everyone slightly breathless.  Carlana has been there—Carlana has done that—and Carlana understands the struggle everyone else goes through trying to climb the highest, the toughest peaks.  If she could do it, so can you.  She is the embodiment of inspiration.”

Jocelyn Coblenz, M.S. ~ Supervisor of Career Counseling, JVS

“Carlana is nothing if not passionate, and her enthusiasm for life and for  freedom is truly inspiring. Carlana does not know limitation, does not know  "can't," believes strongly in the individual and in personalization. Coupled  with her outgoing personality and friendly nature, she has demonstrated thatshe not only embodies those positive attributes, which are inherent to the  Harley Davidson rider, but also those to humanity in general.”

Mario Vindeni ~ Operations Manager, Harley-Davidson / Buell

Carlana in the media and more!

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